Other Projects

Folk's Worst Nightmare

a Nuremberg-based folkpunk collective, promoting shows, broadcasting on Radio Z, performing as an 8-piece-folkpunk-revueshow-circus

Average Pizza

my weirdo indie band


I pretend to play bass in this animal punk outfit

Loft lo-fi

acoustic concerts i used to book at the loft in nuremberg

Wulla Wussa

an online comedy about festival goers I co-wrote


a monthly open library for comic and cake enthusiasts

brickwater - jumping just to fall

proof of existence of the short-lived project Oiropa

Der Mann ohne Piano

mein Deb├╝troman beim Carpathia Verlag

the girly birds

my former punk band

sing-in open mic sunday

an open mic I co-host with Martti from Folk's Worst Nightmare